What is the difference between the OEE, OOE and TEEP measurements?

The difference between the calculations for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE); Overall Operations Effectiveness (OOE) and Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP).


Overall Equipment Effectiveness measures a machine's availability, performance and quality in order to visually display all the losses that occur on this machine. So how do OOE and TEEP measurements differ from this?

The only difference between OEE, OOE and TEEP is the 'maximum time' that is used in each calculation. 

In other words, the only changing variable between these three calculations is the maximum time that is available for a machine to run. They all take availability, performance and quality into account. 

Total Effective Equipment Performance considers maximum time to be All Available Time - that is 24 hours, 365 days a year. 

Overall Operations Effectiveness takes unscheduled time into account, looking at Total Operating Time as a maximum. 

Overall Equipment Effectiveness looks at the Potential Production time as a maximum, without calculating time that has been unscheduled.