Our Clients

Currently, there are a number of clients using our software in their production plants. Some of these clients include:


Each company has experienced improvement since installing HaldanMES in their manufacturing environments. Here is what some of them had to say about their experience with using the software:


Adcock Ingram

Adcock Ingram manufactures and distributes a wide range of medicines and healthcare products. HaldanMES is being used with manual and automatic data collection on 42 machines at their Gauteng plant, Clayville. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing at their three plants ranges from high volume liquids, to tablet and capsule pharmaceuticals, to antiretroviral medication, and steriles and critical care pharmaceuticals.


Borbet SA

Borbet SA is a manufacturer of aluminium alloy road wheels for the OEM market. Their plant is situated in in Perseverance, Port Elizabeth and is currently HaldanMES’s largest installation.

Borbet South Africa is part of the larger Borbet Group which extends through eight locations globally.

At the start-up of this project, Borbet South Africa chose to only monitor two machines using HaldanMES. However, soon after this initial installation, Borbet South Africa began is see the positive improvements that HaldanMES brought into their environment. Within a year, Borbet South Africa chose to expand the software throughout their facility to monitor over 42 machines. Because Haldan Consulting had provided them with sufficient knowledge and training when they project began, Borbet South Africa was able to undertake this roll-out internally.


CRHCRH Africa (in Port Elizabeth)

CRH Africa is primarily engaged in the manufacturing of seat components and catalytic converters for the automotive industry and operates principally in South Africa. CRH Africa's manufacturing plant in Port Elizabeth uses HaldanMES on its shop floor, monitoring 28 machines.

Lucky Lazarus, an Industrial Engineer at CRH Africa in Port Elizabeth, explains the changes he has noticed since HaldanMES was implemented in their Port Elizabeth plant: "HaldanMES has shown how the business can eliminate all the waste within our operations and it has uplifted the moral of the Shop floor workers."


Eberspacher (Port Elizabeth)

Eberspaecher was founded in 1865 and is currently one of the world's leading system developers and suppliers of exhaust technology, vehicle heaters and bus air-conditioning systems. HaldanMES was implemented in Eberspacher's Port Elizabeth plant, where it produces Catalytic Converters for their Exhaust Technology.

Daniel Britz, Industrial Engineer at Eberspacher's Port Elizabeth plant, found that HaldanMES helped to increase operator utilization. Since HaldanMES was implemented in the plant, he believes that it made effective improvements: "The workload was balanced and shared more effectively between operators," he said.


EBOR AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS logoEbor Automotive Systems

EBOR manufactures and supplies high quality technical mouldings and safety critical assembly components to the South African automotive industry, as well as to the global OEM customers. EBOR is situated in Perseverance in Port Elizabeth. Haldan Consulting provides and supports their current ERP system, SYSPRO. EBOR is also using HaldanMES to monitor OEE on 8 machines.



Formex Industries, located in Port Elizabeth, is comprised of Formex Tubing and Formex Pressings. Formex Tubing shapes and distributes metal tubing for the automotive industry. While Formex Pressings supplies various pressed metal parts to the Automotive Industry and has Ford, Faurecia, and Tenneco as their major clients.

HaldanMES is being used to monitor 25 machines in both the Formex Pressings and the Formex Tubing areas.



Foxtec-Ikhwezi (Pty) Ltd is based in East London, South Africa, and started with production in September 2006. Foxtec-Ikhwezi supplies parts to the South African and European production plants of Mercedes Benz. Together with their Meinerzhagen branch, Foxtec-Ikhwezi East London covers the full requirements of Mercedes Benz in South Africa, with regards to demand for assembly ready forged Aluminium link arms for the new C-Class and E-Class products.

Foxtec's Production Manager, Andrew Brown, believes that HaldanMES has brought about many positive changes to their shopfloor: "Before HaldanMES, all of our machine performance and downtime figures were captured on paper and then given to a clerk, who would then put it into Excel Format. We would then use this to analyse our machine performance. This system was clumsy and labour intensive and we often doubted the accuracy of this information. It was also time consuming to draw the reports required for our monthly board reports. But HaldanMES has changed all of this."


Froetek SA

Froetek South Africa Ltd. in East London was founded in 2006, as a subsidiary company of the global FRÖTEK Group. Their plant in East London was recently relocated to a new premises within the East London IDZ, due to expansion within the business. They specialise in the injection moulding of high performance components for the automotive industry and the battery industry.

Froetek South Africa have initiated the implementation of HaldanMES in their new plant, where they will monitor 10 machines in their factory.


Hansens EngineeringHansens Engineering

Hansens Engineering is a supplier of high-volume precision machined components to the global Automotive Industry. They required access to timely and accurate OEE data in an effort to restore its competitiveness. After they started using HaldanMES, they recognised areas that needed improvement and implemented the necessary changes.

In just 12 months, Hansens Engineering improved their OEE from 52.4% to 79.8% using HaldanMES. Production volumes grew from 5 million per annum to 10 million per annum without any capital expenditure.

The Director of the company was delighted to say that, "Through the use of HaldanMES, Hansens Engineering has regained control of its operations, re-established its competitiveness and is looking forward to a healthy future."


Henrose PlasticsHenrose Plastics

Henrose Plastics is a supplier of plastic packaging to companies in South Africa. They supply a wide range of general packaging from heat shrinkable film, to bags of different sizes. Blue chip Pharmaceutical, Chocolate, Poultry, Fishing, Bottling and major motor industry suppliers, all rely on Henrose Plastics for their packaging needs.

Charles Bataille, Managing Director at Henrose Plastics, is confident in the positive change that the product made in his plant: "HaldanMES helped us in focussing daily on scrap as a key contributor to waste at our plant. In only 7 months, it allowed for a scrap reduction of 62%."

Production Manager, Mark Hendricks, saw a vast difference in the production team after implementation at Henrose: "HaldanMES challenged us to move out of our performance comfort zones and gave us a new perspective on how we look at machine measurements."



Lumotech is an automotive and commercial lighting manufacturer situated in Neave Industrial in Uitenhage. Lumotech’s products include both automotive and commercial ranges; from headlights, tail lights, signal light and specialised plastic injection mouldings, to energy efficient streetlights and warehouse lights. Lumotech is currently utilising HaldanMES to monitor OEE information on 26 of their machines.


Q-Plas AutomotiveQ-Plas Automotive

Q-Plas Automotive specialises in plastic-injection moulding and supply a range of interior, exterior and under-bonnet plastic components to the automotive industry. They are situated in the Nelson Mandela Bay Logistics Park in Uitenhage, just outside Port Elizabeth.

HaldanMES is currently monitoring OEE on 22 machines in their factory. They are also utilizing SYSPRO ERP and the AutoEDI SCC Suite, effectively allowing Q-Plas to benefit from the complete end-to-end solution offered by Haldan Consulting.



Shatterprufe manufactures and distributes glass products, such as windscreens, rear and side glass.  Shatterprufe is the largest nationally-based windscreen and automotive glass supplier in South Africa.

HaldanMES is monitoring OEE on 5 machines at their Struandale plant in Port Elizabeth.


Smiths ManufacturingSmiths Manufacturing

Smiths Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd is a leading manufacturer and assembler of automotive air-conditioning and engine cooling components in Durban, South Africa.  Metair Investments Limited, a JSE listed company, is their major shareholding company, along with DENSO CORPORATION, who has a 25% shareholding. HaldanMES monitors 10 machines in their Pinetown facility.



SOMTA Tools has been in business since 1954 and is a one of the largest cutting tool manufacturer in the southern hemisphere. Their core business is the manufacturing and supplying of cutting tools, such as Drills, Reamers, End Mills, Bore Cutters, Taps & Dies, Toolbits, Solid Carbide Tooling, Carbide Insert Tooling, Custom Tools & Surface Coatings. HaldanMES is monitoring 5 machines, in their Carbide Tool area, at their Pietermaritzburg Plant.



Vibracoustic-Ikhwezi (VCI) is a manufacturing facility in East London, which produces bushing and anti-vibration components for both passenger car and commercial vehicles. HaldanMES is monitoring OEE on 20 machines at VCI.

They were established in 2012 by a marriage between two industry leaders, namely the global Vibracoustic Group and the South African Ikhwezi Investment Holdings Company.