OEE Theory and Practice

HaldanMES is endorsed by Arno Koch, the OEE Pioneer. The theory explained in this section is sourced from his knowledge–base. Haldan Consulting has been authorised as a Qualified OEE Trainer by Arno Koch. 

He wrote the very first book on OEE, which is called “OEE for Operators”, which was awarded the Shingo Prize ‘Shopfloor Series’:


Productivity Development Team and Koch, A. 1999. OEE for Operators. CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group: United States of America

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 Another of his publications is “OEE for the Production Team”:


Koch, A. 2007. OEE for the Production Team. Makigami Publishing: The Netherlands

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These have been used as a theoretical reference in our philosophies and product development.

Feel free to read other publications and sources for an in-depth understanding and awareness of OEE concepts and calculations: