Implementation Guide

This section explains the methodology and approach that Haldan Consulting adopts in a standard OEE implementation process.

Project Planning and Management

Firstly, a Project team will be formed from members of Haldan Consulting and the client’s organisation, to drive the project and make project decisions. A detailed project plan will be drawn up and completed in MS Project. This will indicate key milestones and deliverables with regards to timing and responsibility. The payment schedule will also be linked to this.

The Project team will hold regular project meetings, and basic minutes will be kept.

OEE Awareness Sessions

OEE Awareness sessions will be held with all levels of the organisation to increase OEE awareness and to deepen the understanding of OEE principles. This will provide the organisation’s members with the knowledge they need to effectively understand what the software is for and what it helps to achieve. The basic training about OEE theory and the OEE calculation, as well as about identifying the Six Big Losses.

Software Installation and Configuration

At this point, the back-end software will be installed and configured.
The SQL database and database services will be configured. All data-collecting and messaging services will also be installed on the server.  The software application will be configured to the client’s requirements, and then installed across the client’s network on all Shopfloor touch points and on user computers.

Master Data Capture

A Master data workshop will be held so that all parameters and master data can be discussed and captured.


Training forms an important part of the overall solution. Training registers will be maintained, and all attendees will be required to sign in acknowledgement for the training they received.

OPERATOR TRAINING: Operators will be trained on the operation of Shopfloor Data Collect and Manual Collect. More advanced training will be performed with the Group Leaders and Shift Supervisors.

MANAGEMENT TRAINING: Managers will be given training on the Reports and Data Analysis graphs available in HaldanMES. This will assist in setting realistic OEE measurement goals.

ADMINISTRATORS TRAINING: Administrators will be given extensive training on every aspect of the software (including Shopfloor Data Collect, Shift Scheduling, Reports & Analysis and all other Administrative functions) to ensure that the solution is sustained within the client’s organisation after the project has been completed.


Detailed User Guides will be provided with the training. These are completed in ISO format. In addition, a copy of “OEE for Operators” will be provided. This is an industry publication on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Hand Holding

Hand Holding will take place in order to ensure that the client is satisfied with the installed solution and that the project is a success. This happens in three phases:

TESTING AND PROCESS DRY RUNS: Once both the hardware and software components have been installed, extensive testing will be done to ensure that everything has been implemented correctly. This will also be an opportunity to identify any potential issues previously unforeseen by both parties.

GO-LIVE: Once the Project team has agreed and signed-off that the solution has been correctly implemented, and that all users have been trained, the system will Go-Live. If any issues arise during this period, it will be documented and discussed, and an appropriate action will be agreed upon.

POST GO-LIVE CONSULTING: A month after the Go-live. Haldan Consulting will hold a review meeting, which can be done electronically or on-site, to ensure that the client is getting the full benefit of the product. This will include a high-level review of data and OEE results. It will also present an opportunity to ask questions and get advice on practical issues that may exist on the shop floor.


To find out more about HaldanMES’s implementation, or to talk to a consultant about possible implementation at your company, please contact Laverne van Wyk via email: or phone Haldan Consulting on +27 87 802 6045