Under current economic conditions and with severe global competition, manufacturers need both creative and proven methods to bring their product to market at a minimum cost.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a method that meets this objective.

OEE will highlight a factory’s hidden capacity, identify waste and visualize losses in utilization.

OEE finds the REAL reasons behind losses and drives corrective action at the root cause, rather than the symptoms.

HaldanMES is a visual Manufacturing Execution System which monitors shop floor OEE performance and enables effective continuous improvements through real-time monitoring and reporting.

Using the correct OEE software is critical! The successful roll-out of an OEE solution is based on the features it provides:Simply implementing OEE does not bring about sustainable improvement – to ensure real and consistent progress, you need the right focus, support, and actions.

HaldanMES delivers visibility through objective insights, to empower businesses to make informed decisions, based on reliable information.

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HaldanMES Software

Get objective shop floor information which drives clear understanding and powers corrective action.

HaldanMES utilizes a combination of innovative technology and world-class techniques to ensure that management is well informed. Visual displays reveal critical problems so that production teams can take immediate action. 


HaldanMES Features

HaldanMES OEE Implementation


HaldanMES software is designed and developed by Haldan Consulting. Haldan Consulting’s core business is to provide expert software and consulting solutions to empower businesses to make informed decisions, based on reliable information.

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 The main advantage that we have gained since implementing HaldanMES’s OEE system at Lumotech is that all data collection is centralised and real-time. This provides immediate visibility of availability, production performance and quality issues to the shop floor. Detailed Pareto charts are readily available and allows us to identify challenges and prioritise our resources to achieve the best and quickest results.

Jaco du Plessis, Director of Manufacturing & ICT at Lumotech

HaldanMES has enhanced our ability to collect and analyze data more accurately. We have recently introduced a high-volume part into production with its own dedicated cell. HaldanMES software has allowed us to identify where our problems are, and to effectively optimize and eliminate these. It is an excellent tool that is used throughout our continual improvement process, as it has enhanced our understanding to make improvements to the correct problems. It has definitely improved the accuracy of our machine performance, compared to the manual recording previously used.

John Rohlandt, Industrial Engineer at Tenneco

 HaldanMES helped us in focussing daily on scrap as a key contributor to waste at our plant. In only 7 months, it allowed for a scrap reduction of 62%.

Charles Bataille, Managing Director at Henrose Plastics

 Through this tool, our business is able to analyse the daily, weekly and monthly production data and identify where our biggest losses are. We are now able to focus on the relevant issues that affect our day to day productivity

Mukovhe Mutamani, Continuous Improvement Specialist at Adcock Ingram in Clayville

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Understanding the OEE Calculation

Understanding the OEE Calculation

Case Study: SMED & HaldanMES

 Case Study: Using SMED to reduce changeover times at Ebor Automotive Systems

Arno Koch - Manufacturing for Success

Find your True North

HaldanMES adopts the measurements and philosophies of the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Industry Standard. This standard was written by the OEE Pioneer and Lean coach from the Netherlands, Arno Koch. HaldanMES is the first OEE software worldwide endorsed by Koch. The OEE Industry Standard aims to give guidelines on how to define OEE in order to find all potential losses in effectiveness. He visited South Africa in September 2014 to spread his knowledge and understanding with local manufacturers and industry leaders. At the talk hosted by Haldan Consulting, Arno Koch spoke to local manufacturers and OEE solution providers about finding their "True North". 

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